Are breast cancers caused by recalcitrant rogue stem cells?

It is only recently that advances in stem cell biology generated the experimental framework necessary to test this Reya et al., 2001; Sell et al., 2004). According to the cancer stem cell model, tumors originate in either tissue stem cells or progenitor cells, through deregulation of the normally tightly regulated process of self-renewal (Molofsky et al., 2004; Passegue et al., 2003). Self-renewal is the process by which stem cells generate progeny identical to themselves. Stem cells also differentiate to generate multipotent progenitors, which in turn give rise to committed progenitors and differentiated cells. Cancer stem cells share these properties with their normal counterparts: they have self-renewal capacity, driving tumorigenicity, recurrence and metastasis and they have the capacity to differentiate, albeit aberrantly, giving rise to a heterogeneous population of cancer cells. The differentiated cells constitute the bulk of the tumor, but they are not tumorigenic, due to their lack of self-renewal capacity and limited proliferation potential.

Stem cells regrow breast tissue

Stem Cells Help Women Regrow Breasts After A Mastectomy. … The cells are cultured from adipose tissue that is removed from the patient by liposuction. The stem cells are removed from the fat tissue and grown to a larger number, then recombined with the fat and injected back into the body

Stem Cells Help Women Regrow Breasts After A Mastectomy – Stem …
  • The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras

    A study done on over 4700 US women found that women who wear their bras to bed, which means 24/7 of bra wearing, have a 75% chance of developing breast cancer

    Compression and constriction of the breast tissue by bras prevents the lymphatic system from cleansing the breast tissue of toxins and causes the fluid in the tissue to back-up, resulting in lymph edema and associated pressure, pain, cysts, and, ultimately, cancer.


  • Breast Cancer Linked to Cell Phones Stored in the Bra…/Breast-Cancer…Cell-Phones…/185373-3982…


    Jul 1, 2016 – Case Reports are accumulating of young women with no family history getting a diagnosis of breast cancer. Tumors were unusually located directly underneath the skin where patients placed cell phones in their bra. More data needs to be collected. What is the research problem : Documentation is needed.

  • A new study discovered that 40% of all college women kept their cell phones at least part of the day in their bras. 5% kept the phones in their bras while they sleep! Is this the “Perfect Storm” for the young breast cancer victims?

Stem Cells Discovered in women's breasts

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Clinical Trials Save Lives

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What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are the 'mother cells' that all of your other 240 different types of cells that make up the human body come from. A single stem cell can actually jump start your entire immune system after chemo therapy.

How many millions of young girls over the last 15 years have stored the cell phones in the bras?

Researchers at Regeneceutical PLC a bio-science company for personalized and regenerative medicine has patented a new type of bioreactor bra, they call the BreastShield which will disrupt young early fast-dividing cells in women's breast tissues.

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It should go without saying that new evidence suggests that women who store their cell phones in their bra are 10 times more likely to get breast cancer...
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