Is there Power in Prayer?

Their is a little known or not widely publicized new study that says that 50% of all doctors actually pray for their patients!

 Please take a moment to reflect upon that fact. What is this power of prayer and why do a fairly large percentage of physicians actually pray? 

Is there power – in prayer? 

And does a patient’s faith and prayer – have the power to heal?The short answer is that physicians on the front lines of life and death have seen with their own eyes and witnessed this first hand. Find comfort in your faith. 

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The Mission Santa Lucia is a Faith Based Organization (FBO) under 508(c)(1)(a) of the code. Further the Sisters of Light are a breast cancer community of spiritual actualization.

  • The Sister’s of Light are calling you now: Form a community prayer group !
  • Visit the sick in hospitals and provide comfort and healing support 
  • Heal the sick – comfort the lonely – learn to develop your power to heal 
  • Become a Sister of Light and a Power for Good ! Call us now we are waiting for you. 
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It should go without saying that the Sisters of Light are a community of pray groups...
let us all pray actualize the cure for breast cancer. Let's make this real through action.
Sister Diane