The In the United States, someone dies from breast cancer every 15 minutes. This number has not decreased significantly in nearly 40 years despite a huge movement to raise awareness and funds for new drug development. Just wearing, buying, or walking for “pink” does not reduce deaths from breast cancer. 

In conclusion, perhaps doctors and scientists have been looking at breast cancer only in the context of the end-stages of the disease. Much encouraging research over the last years involving the phases of cancer stem cell development, over many, many years have emerged. Now our researchers clearly believe the way to stop breast cancer is to develop a plan that recognizes this reality and develop early interventional medical devices designed to actually disrupt the young, early fast-dividing tumors, and precancerous stem cells.

All cancer doctors see cancer through their own ‘lens’ or perspective. The surgeon sees a malignant tumor, which must be cut out. The pharmaceutical industry wants to treat it with deadly chemotherapy or patent some new drug designed to control the end-stages of a certain death. The only way to actually beat breast cancer is to stop it years before it actually becomes a cancer. Can that actually be possible? This is not only possible but research is ongoing in this new emerging field.



Please just do not just sit there – take action now. New groundbreaking discoveries into early tumor development and precancerous stem cells , we now believe, hold the elusive solutions for early prevention.

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  • After 100 years of using the destructive power of radiation upon tumor and cancer cells what is needed in the art and has not been available is an apparatus for destroying dividing cells, wherein the apparatus better discriminates between dividing cells, and non-dividing cells and is capable of selectively destroying the dividing cells or organisms with substantially no effect on the non-dividing cells or organisms. 

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Cancer - Immunotherapy and Vacines

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Research into the disruption of early fast-dividing precancerous stem cells is ongoing. 

New clinical studies are planned and patients are encouraged to enroll. For information, please contact us. 




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It should go without saying that research into the disruption of early fast-dividing precancerous stem cells is ongoing. Please contact us for further information on new clinical studies designed to halt breast cancer years before it develops.
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