Breast Shield Defender Bra

Breast Shield Defender Bra

Are breast cancers caused by recalcitrant rogue stem cells?

What we have is a way to disrupt the growth of fast dividing tumor cells, and precancerous stem cells, very safely, that will not affect adjacent tissues, and is the first discovery of this type in 50 years of cancer research.

This new bioreactor-brassiere has evolved from 10 plus years of bioreactor development and testing at NASA, in Houston, where our group has spun-out more than 140 stem cell patents. This new patent is an amazing leap over and above anything we have ever developed, and has been enthusiastically likened (in women’s personalized and regenerative medicine) , to the equivalent of ‘landing on the moon’. Breast Shield is a possible prophylactic prevention system and is not a cure for advanced breast cancer. Breast Shield is not approved by the FDA, or EMEA and will not treat, heal, or cure any disease.

Breast Shield develops absolutely no heat or radiation of any type and operates on completely recently discovered scientific principles, at 1/3 the power of your cell phone. Before using the Breast Shield bioengineering system, users are encouraged to contact their personal physician for a complete breast examination.

Breast-Shield Bioengineering 

“In Women’s Regenerative and Personalized

Medicine, This Discovery Was Like Landing

On the Moon…”

Dr. Julia Polak M.D. PhD

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